How to buy gemstones

Buying gemstones or buying gems has always been a fun and exciting hobby. From natural royal blue sapphires, to pigeon’s blood ruby and even to the legendary colour changing alexandrite.

Problem is, you need a lot of knowledge and skill. We have some interesting workshops for you to attend if you are in Singapore. Visit to check out the latest workshops at The Gem Museum, Singapore. OR visit to check out our latest classes at Far East Gemological Institute.

You can also visit to view a large collection of gemstones and purchase them online!

The 3 main areas to look out for when buying gemstones are

1.  Value

2. Quality

3. Authencity

These 3 main areas are all equally important and once you are able to achieve the 3, you should be able to buy gemstones successfully. You can learn more about them at our workshop at The Gem Museum, called “How to buy gemstones”.